About the deep search

What is The Deep Search?


The Deep Search is your source for top level online marketing content.

We constantly search the web using a proprietary algorithm to find quality marketing content. We put this through a manual filtering process to decide what’s worth bringing to you – and discard the rest. Whatever we’ve chosen is then curated so you can get a quick idea of whether you want to read the whole article. If you do – there’s a link to take you to the whole article where it was originally published.


Our search algorithm uses  a “common tag” functionality to automatically find relevant related posts. We evaluate them manually and if we think they add value to the topic – we include excerpts from them to the original curated content to provide a broader picture.


We also add our thoughts on the subject to the original excerpt and give you some background if it’s necessary.



Who is The Deep Search for?

The Deep Search is for anyone involved in online marketing. We cover:

  • Content Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Copywriting
  • Online Advertising
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Search Marketing
  • PPC and PPV
  • Network Marketing
  • MLM
  • E Commerce
  • Social Media
  • Marketing Technology

and much more…

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