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 Twitter Engagement



You are on Twitter

You have some followers

You tweet regularly

You don’t get many (or any) favourites or retweets

You know you need to change something but you don’t know what that is

Does this describe you?

Let’s analyse this and find out what’s not working.

These are the relevant questions….


Is anyone reading my tweets?

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that all (or any) of your followers read your tweets. Unless you are a celebrity or a respected expert in your field (influencer), statistics indicate that well less than half of 1 percent of your followers will read any one tweet. This percentage gets even lower as your follower numbers increase but the absolute number of people reading your tweets will increase.

You can find out how many of your followers read any specific tweet and many other useful metrics at Twitter Analytics. You will also discover at what time of day you receive most engagement as well as which tweets were most successful. Use this information to help you decide when and what you tweet.


Is anyone reading my tweets but not engaging by retweeting, favoriting or replying?

Probably yes.

This is an area where you need to take some positive action.

Most importantly you need to create good relevant original content yourself to start establishing a reputation and build trust with your followers. This is very important in getting followers to open and read your tweets.

The ability to create relevant and interesting content is the most useful skill you can develop in all your social media and general marketing activities. Put in the time and effort and you will be rewarded handsomely.

You also need to be sure that the content that you retweet is relevant, useful and interesting. Read absolutely everything and evaluate it before retweeting it. By tweeting and retweeting relevant and good content you get retweets which spread your reach.

A follower who reads a tweet or retweet from you that they really enjoy is far more likely to read your next tweet. It’s all part of building your reputation.

If you feel you have tweeted or retweeted something really worthwhile, don’t hesitate to ask your followers for a retweet. “Please RT” in the body of the text will do it.

You need to be very sure to engage with any followers that engage with your tweets in any way.

Put all followers that engage into a Twitter list. Call that list “Engagers” and be sure to read the feed from that list daily. Retweet and favorite good material from that feed. Respond where appropriate.

Check your notifications and messages at least once daily and again, respond where appropriate.

Remember, always thank followers for following, favoriting and retweeting. Do it by Mention (include the @username in the body of the tweet) and this will become a public tweet.


Am I building the right kind of followers?

Probably not. New Twitterers tend to be grateful for any followers and concentrate on numbers rather than quality.

Drill down and focus on who you follow. Don’t follow anyone back that does not have some of your keywords in their bio. Check some of their tweets also to make your decision. Don’t be too concerned with their follower numbers when deciding to follow them back. If they are interested in your field they are valuable.

Occasionally go through your follower list and unfollow ruthlessly based on relevance. These followers might unfollow you as a result or continue to follow you. Either way it does not matter. Their tweets won’t be cluttering your feed.

(For a detailed description of my follower building and unfollow methods read How to Grow Your Twitter Followers)



Are other ways to get more engagement and reach more eyeballs?

Yes indeed there are.

One of the more powerful methods of getting your tweets in front of relevant Twitter users is to have them retweeted by influential Twitter “Gurus” in your field of interest. Mentions by these influencers will also be valuable in your reputation building.

This works in a couple of ways:

Firstly influencers will have plenty of followers so when they retweet your tweet it reaches that many more eyeballs.

Secondly, because the influencer retweeted it, there is a good chance their followers will retweet it in turn. The power of this process cannot be overestimated especially for relatively new Twitter accounts.


How can I get influential Twitter “Gurus” to retweet me?

First identify the influential members of your existing following. You may already have influencers following you and these should be your first target.

I discovered a great tool yesterday which ranks your followers (amongst many other useful things) for you. It’s called Social Rank. There’s a free version which is comprehensive and quickly algorithmically ranks your followers in terms of their “value”. You can save this as a Twitter list or locally on the platform.  I would create a list on Twitter called Influencers to enable you to read their tweets quickly.

To find influencers that don’t follow me I use Tweet Adder. They have a cheap entry level package which offers great value. Amongst a host of useful follower find/management features it offers a Tweet or Bio based search function which comes up with listed results which you can sort by many criteria. It is then very easy to scan through the list and one click follow. You will be amazed how many influential people will follow back. Once they follow back you can again rank them for value on Social Rank and add them to your list.

You can also do this on Twitter by entering your search query and selecting “People” in the left sidebar. This works fine but lacks the sorting function.

In this way you will soon build a Twitter list of influencers and you can start building a relationship with some of them.


How do I build a relationship with influencers?

Read the feed from your influencer list daily and retweet, favorite and reply to selected tweets that are relevant to you and your followers. You will soon find the influencers which fit your profile and needs.

Make a separate Twitter list for the group of influencers you have chosen and concentrate on these. Make sure there are not too many. Start with around 20 and build this list selectively.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to influencers directly in different ways. You can direct message them, tweet to them or retweet their tweet with a short message in the retweet. Remember a direct message is only visible to the receiver. Tweeting or retweeting will be seen by your followers.

Don’t ask for anything other than advice or an answer to a question. Give compliments and kind words. Don’t reach out too often and become a nuisance. Thank influencers for their responses.

Because of who they are, influencers will take note of you in most cases and read your tweets. Make sure your tweets are valuable and sooner or later you will start to get retweets from them. Make sure you don’t miss these (notifications) and thank them quickly with a mention (@username in the body of a tweet).

Mention influencers in your tweets with an @username mention where appropriate. This will come to their attention.

Don’t forget that unless your own content has value much of what I have said above will simply not apply. If you come to the notice of an influencer, or indeed any Twitter user, if your content is of low quality they will forget you. It’s that simple.

Lastly, be sure to subscribe to all Twitter email updates in your settings. This is a great second line of defense if you miss anything from your feeds and notifications.

For more methods of engaging with influencers go to this excellent post 7 Ways to Engage with Industry Influencers on Twitter by Corey Smock from Likeable.


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