How to sell without being pushy


Ray Higdon talks about the importance of not being pushy in the network marketing recruiting context. Prospecting's the toughest part of network marketing and Ray shows us how to smooth it all out and make the whole process more comfortable for you and your prospect. 

We’re just not pushy in anything that we do. I know people that are pushy in network marketing. Some of them, just because they hit so many numbers, they succeed. It’s just not the way I wanted to build my network marketing business. Instead of being pushy, and pushy would be, “Hey, this thing’s a no-brainer. You should do it. Hey, this is ground-floor, billion-dollar opportunity. We have no competition. You should totally get in before it’s too late.” That’s pushy.

Pushy is where pressure is coming from something external and pressing upon the prospect. There’s a pressure that isn’t coming from inside; it’s coming from outside. It’s saying, “You should get in. You should do this. This thing’s a no brainer,” those kind of things. Instead of that, the way that I’ve always recruited, and we’ve recruited quite a few people, the way we’ve always recruited is to be pully. The way that you’re pully is you generate the interest from inside them....

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Todd Falcone has a more robust approach when establishing a prospects level of commitment. This is ground you need to cover before signing up any new prospect. With the time you will have to invest in them - you don't want prospects who are coming into this with a "let's give this a shot" approach.                                             

When it comes to prospecting in network marketing, a lot of times people feel like they are walking on thin ice with their prospects and even their distributors…worried about scary them away from the opportunity if they are too “firm” with them.

While you are not anyone’s boss in this business, and you never will be, when it comes to MLM Prospecting, it doesn’t mean that you have to act meek and shy when it comes to their commitment to building a business.

You will likely be investing quite a bit of your time helping this new person get up and running to become successful. So…if during your MLM prospecting efforts, they tell you something like, “Yea…I think I’ll give this thing a shot”, it’s more than ok to challenge them and see what they really mean by “giving it a shot”. When I hear “I’ll give it a shot” in my prospecting efforts, I hear someone saying, “Yea…I’ll try this for a little while and probably be quitting here in the near future.”

So…I challenge them. I’m not afraid to scare someone away from joining if they’re not going to make a commitment to being successful. Why mentor someone if they already have an exit strategy?

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Michelle and Bill Pescosolido overheard a recruiting pitch in a coffee shop. They picked up on a whole bunch of errors and call them 'The Seven Deadly Sins' of MLM Recruiting. Here they are...

MLM Recruiting – The Seven Deadly Sins

(1) Spoke 90% Of The Time

Imagine having a conversation with someone where they spoke 90% of the time and you only spoke 10% of the time?

How would that conversation make you feel?

If it was me, I would feel that the other person didn’t care much about me and just wanted to talk about themselves the whole time.

Well that’s exactly how this conversation went.

“Lady A” just blabbed on and on and on and hardly let “Lady B” get a word in.

One of the basic fundamentals of sales no matter what industry you’re in or what you’re selling, is that you should listen to your prospects more than you speak to them.

They say we have two ears and one mouth for a reason…. so it might be wise for you to consider listening twice as much as you speak when you’re in a sales meeting or while MLM recruiting.

(2) Feature Dumped

“Feature Dumping” is when you only talk about the features of the product(s) and not the benefit or better yet the benefit of the benefit.

In this case specifically “Lady A” was going through her flip chart of products and spewing out all of the ingredients contained within the products to “Lady B” as if “Lady B” knew what they were or how they would benefit her.

But “Lady A” hardly ever shared or explained any benefits.

In particular, she never explained any benefits that would specifically help “Lady B”.

At one point “Lady A” did mention…

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